HOPE for the Covid Era

To request virtual experiential learning support from the Careers Pathways team, please reach out to us!

Founded in 2013, HOPE (Health Occupations & Professions Exploration) is UW Health’s award-winning experiential learning program. HOPE is designed to help teens and young adults learn about and navigate the many career pathways in healthcare. Often, students only know about doctors and nurses. UW Health wants to show students that there’s an entire world of professionals who keep our healthcare systems running.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, UW Health can only provide virtual experiential learning activities. The Career Pathways team has redesigned HOPE to be suitable for virtual settings. We’ve created a variety of digital synchronous lessons and activities that can be done synchronously or asynchronously, by any number of students, at any time, anywhere. Going forward, we are committed to providing our services to Community Based Organizations and Schools. As always, our services are completely free, and our focus remains on supporting all students, especially those who are underserved or underrepresented in the healthcare field.

Career Pathways Options

If you would like to schedule experiential learning activities with the Career Pathways team, please fill out this request form. We ask that you reach out to us at least two weeks before you need us. Please note that we are currently unable to facilitate in-person activities.

We are able to provide a number of things, including:

  • HOPE Sessions
    • Life Pathways and Priorities – Students will learn that life can take many different directions, and their values should guide their decisions – including about career paths. Students will play the HOPE Game of Life and the Finding Your Path video game.
    • Healthcare Career Categories & Exploration – Students will complete a personality assessment, learn an easy way to categorize healthcare careers, learn about 60 different careers in healthcare, do a virtual tour of the UW Health Sim Center, and complete some role-plays showing how healthcare teams work together.
    • Soft Skills & Professionalism in Healthcare – Students will learn about soft and professional skills and why they’re so important in healthcare.
    • Healthcare Career Roadmaps – Students will consider their long-term goals and the short/medium-term steps they need to take to get there.
  • Guest Speakers (Career Pathways team can speak or help find specific healthcare professionals)
  • Career Fairs or Panels
  • Project Advising
  • Mock Interviews
  • Small Group/1:1 Career Counseling
  • Professional Development for Teachers/Advising for CTE Professionals
  • Other activities as requested!

Please reach out to us and let us know how we can support you!