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Contact Us: If you are interested in participating in the HOPE program in any way please send a detailed email: 

Career Pathways are always seeking college students willing to mentor. We need current healthcare professionals who are willing to help HOPE sessions. We look forward to your participation!

Hope mentors and Hope Facilitators

HOPE Session Facilitators

  • Serving as a HOPE speaker/panelist
  • Orienting students to the Health Sciences Opportunities of employment with UW Health
  • Guiding the students through impactful hands-on learning experiences.
Hope Panelists during lunch meet and greet

Shadowing Opportunities

Diversity photo. Inclusive Safe space for everyone.

Students that participate in HOPE gain access to meaningful careers in the healthcare industry. Students also receive research and instructional support in pursuing those careers. In addition to the youth apprentice contract, students and mentors are also offered access to job shadowing and academic tuition reimbursements.


HOPE mentors are typically college-aged students in our partnerships that are matched with a high school student during a HOPE session. We also found that some of our HOPE mentors decided to change majors into healthcare after they participated in the event.  See where HOPE can take you too!
Please note that a soft background check will be completed, if you volunteer for this position.

2019 HOPE full photo with students and staff

Participating College Programs

Ahana pre health society
Aspiring nurses association
Madison Area Technical College
Multicultural student nursing
UW Health Madison

Participating College Program Links:

UW-Madison Aspiring Nurses Association
AHANA Madison College – Health Sciences are of Study

PALMA MSNO UW Healthcare Careers